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Refining Understanding of Your Liminal Soul Essence with Conscious Connected Breathwork

It’s taken me some time to find the words to describe how I work with people to journey into their soul essence. Conscious Connected Breathwork is just one of the tools I share to support people, and only in certain parts of their personal and professional reclamation. I have moved away from diagnosing and prescribing, the way is to fully embrace the fluidity of your very own river, however this might flow, wherever it is being drawn towards, and whatever it might nourish. When we come back to the foundations of nature and community we can all sing in tune with our inner wisdom. This journey is self-led when we allow ourself to feel. For some, feeling might have been discouraged or thought to be without purpose. Yet, feeling is where everything begins, especially into our hearts, this is where the magical healing and awareness grows in our physical body and beyond. Conscious Connected Breathwork is a “feeling practice”, which can be helpful for some people to reconnect with lost parts of their soul, at the right time.

Understanding Our Liminal Soul Essence

We each have our unique liminal soul essence, this is a place of the transitional, often subtle aspects of our being that exist between the physical and spiritual realms. This essence embodies the threshold moments in our lives where we encounter profound transformations, whether through personal loss, significant life changes, spiritual or soul awakenings, or the unlimited experience we live through. It is in these liminal spaces that we find the connections to the deepest parts of our soul, often hidden beneath layers of social conditioning, cultural expectations, and past experiences.

The Role of Conscious Connected Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful practice that involves rhythmic, uninterrupted breathing patterns to help individuals access altered states of consciousness. This practice can facilitate deep emotional release, heightened self-awareness, and a profound connection to one’s inner self. For those seeking to refine their liminal soul essence, conscious connected breathwork offers a unique pathway to explore and integrate these subtle aspects of their being. The only must, is for your guidance in using this practice to be trauma-informed, supportive, and truly reflective for you to maximise the potential. Like with many other progressive modalities the energy shifts regardless of what support you do or do not have, however to truly integrate and make sense of what happens during the energy shift you are likely to need a reflective space some time after a journey to fully allow the shift to come. This is why a majority of the journeys I offer are on a individual basis and now offer a separate reflective space for sense to be made of your senses.

Self-Discovery: Rediscovering Soul Essence After Loss of Innocence

In the journey of self-discovery, individuals often face the challenge of reconnecting with their core essence after experiencing the loss of innocence. This loss can manifest through various life events, such as trauma, grief, or disillusionment. Conscious connected breathwork provides a sacred space to rediscover and reclaim this lost part of the soul. By engaging in this practice, individuals can:

  • Connection With Your Physical Body: Many people find it so challenging to get out of their head (in a very different way to how they have in the past) after a Loss of Innocence, and conscious connected breathwork can support the process of feeling again.
  • Access Forgotten or Deep Memories: Breathwork can unlock forgotten memories and emotions stored in the body, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself.
  • Receive Clarity: Once we hone our practice and responses to our breath, conscious connected breathwork can support us to gain greater clarity in experiences which has previously been fuelled with intense emotions.
  • Release Emotional Blockages: The rhythmic breathing helps release collected and stored tension, emotions, and experiences, paving the way for a new way of being.
  • Reconnect with Inner Wisdom: Through this practice, individuals can tap into their innate wisdom and intuition, guiding them back to their true essence. It’s something we all have, sometimes it can be hidden under the layers of our life.

Holistic Practitioners: Developing Unique and Ethical Practices to Support Soul Liberation and Awakening

For holistic practitioners, conscious connected breathwork can be an invaluable tool in recognising how you can support clients’ journeys toward their own soul liberation and awakening. By incorporating conscious connected breathwork into their personal rituals, practitioners can:

  • Facilitate Deep Healing: Breathwork can help practitioners access and heal deep-seated emotional wounds, promoting overall well-being which can hold them back from fully being present with clients.
  • Promote Ethical Practice: By engaging in breathwork themselves, practitioners can develop a grounded and ethical approach to their practice, ensuring they provide compassionate and effective support to others, by simply slowing down the mind and body with nervous system regulation.
  • Enhance Client Connection: Conscious connected breathwork helps us to deepen our connections with nature and others, the practitioner-client relationship can grow with a new form of fostering trust and empathy.

Professionally Regulated Helpers: Integrating Learnings into Soul Purpose to Support Others

For those in professionally regulated fields who are in helping roles, such as healthcare, education, law or policing, local or national authority work, integrating the learnings from conscious connected breathwork into their soul purpose can enhance their ability to support others effectively. By creating a dedicated space for this practice, professionals can:

  • Cultivate Inner Peace: Regular breathwork sessions can help professionals maintain a sense of inner calm and balance, which is crucial in high-stress environments.
  • Realigning Priorities: This practice is ever so helpful in supporting us to recognise where our priorities need to be with a much more fluid tone.
  • Enhance Professional Skills: The insights gained from breathwork can lead to greater empathy, creativity, and problem-solving abilities in professional settings.
  • Align with Soul Purpose: By connecting with their liminal soul essence, professionals can ensure that their work aligns with their deeper values and purpose, leading to more fulfilling and impactful careers. People in these helping roles are so often drawn to work the field because it is their soul purpose, and this can become forgotten when working through mounds of policies, paperwork, and metaphorically jumping through hoops.

Reclaiming Misplaced Cultural Heritage

Conscious connected breathwork also offers a pathway for individuals and communities to reclaim misplaced cultural heritage. Many traditional cultures have long practiced forms of breathwork and other somatic therapies to heal and connect with inner or extra wisdom such as ancestors, light beings, and nature. By embracing these ancient practices, individuals can:

  • Honour Ancestral Wisdom: Breathwork allows for the revival of traditional healing practices, honouring the wisdom of ancestors, including healing wounds of mistreatment and colonisation.
  • Strengthen Cultural Identity: Engaging in these practices can reinforce a sense of cultural identity and belonging. Our world is so multi-cultural, and many of us are not aware of our cultural heritage. Conscious connected breathwork, when practiced with depth and intuitively, can reconnect us with the many lost parts of our soul in cultural identity.
  • Foster Community Healing: Shared conscious connected breathwork journeys can promote collective healing and resilience within communities, bridging past, present, and future gaps.


Conscious connected breathwork is a deeply profound practice that can help individuals refine their liminal soul essence, offering many personal and professional benefits when practiced with ethical intent and reflectively. By engaging in this practice, individuals can reconnect with their true essence, develop ethical and supportive practices, and integrate their learnings into their soul purpose, ultimately reclaiming their misplaced cultural heritage and fostering a deeper sense of connection and well-being.


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  1. I’m ‘feeling’ this. As I sit with body pains, I’m inquiring, what is your purpose pain? What’s alerting you, to alert me? Breathwork practice continues to illuminate…

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