Practice & Health Agreement

Health Screening

Alternative and complementary therapies should be administered by a trained or qualified and insured practitioner, sometimes there are contraindications which the practitioner must be aware of to adapt the treatment or therapy to suit you. In the main these therapies, like all conventional or mainstream treatments, are safe when delivered by a trained and fully insured practitioner.

It is essential for me to capture information about you so that I can honour safe practice, I work ethically and responsibly to ensure all your therapeutic needs are met during our sessions together or you are signposted or referred to other suitable services to support you. It is important I am aware of any of these needs in advance of your treatment.

I will always ask for your consent before doing any type of work with you, and recommend you ensure all practitioners offer services in this way.

If I consider it to be in your best interest, I may recommend that you consult a trained professional before treatment can be given, for example your GP, counsellor, etc this will be discussed with you if there is a need for additional interventions.

If you have not done so with me already, please complete as much of the form, at the link below as possible. If you do manage to complete some of the questions or do not know how to answer them, please contact me or we can these in our first appointment together.

Practice Agreement

It is important for you to communicate any health concerns you have, whether currently treated or not, and provide details of any medicines you are currently taking, prescribed or otherwise with Liminal Connections. Please contact us directly with this information before your journey.

For Conscious Connected Breathwork, it is of great importance that you inform Liminal Connections if you have a history of or any current health concerns as listed below, before the journey. This is simply because in maintaining a connected breath you are changing your body’s biochemistry, and this can influence your body. If you do have any of the following conditions, it does not mean you cannot participate in the breathwork journey with me however will inform me to make adaptations for you and to the way in which you breathe, with a gentle nasal breath.

  • Acute anxiety or panic attacks
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder
  • Lung conditions including asthma, emphysema, and COPD
  • Early stages of and/or a delicate pregnancy
  • Epilepsy or non-epileptic seizures
  • Glaucoma/detached retina
  • Heart conditions or stroke
  • High or Low blood pressure with a history of visual disturbances, blackouts or fainting
  • Immune or inflammatory conditions including lupus, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue
  • Psychosis
  • PTSD with flashbacks or disassociation
  • Recent major surgery
  • Schizophrenia
  • Severe osteoporosis

By booking and joining your journey, you are responsible for informing Liminal Connections of known concerns relating to health, medicines, and your judgement, as per the above text, and any consequence (mental, physical, or emotional) which may arise from this. Liminal Connections will offer guidance before, during, and after the journey for self-regulation methods and you agree to use these. No guidance provided by Liminal Connections is a substitute for consulting your GP or medical care provider.

Everything you share with me is confidential, the limited to confidentiality is if yours or others safety is compromised, during which time we will discuss a way forward.

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