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of Liminal Connections

My intent is dedicated to guiding, mentoring and training people, and Holistic & Professionally Regulated Practitioners to person-centred and anti-oppressive holistic health and self-discovery. My work helps people to proudly reclaim the lost or misplaced parts of their cultural heritage and support their wholeness after a Loss of Innocence or emotional vulnerability.

Find out more about how a collaborative approach can support people bring all experiences into wholeness for clarity, connection, and growth.

Creating Growth Spaces is my Purpose

Being in the right place and space can cultivate growth when you…

“Because the symptoms and emotions associated with trauma can be extreme, most of us (and those close to us) will recoil and attempt to repress these intense reactions. Unfortunately, this mutual denial can prevent us from healing. In our culture there is a lack of tolerance for the emotional vulnerability that traumatized people experience. Little time is allotted for the working through of emotional events. We are routinely pressured into adjusting too quickly in the aftermath of an overwhelming situation. Denial is so common in our culture that it has become a cliché.”

Peter A. Levine

Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma

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